For those who don't know our background: Thelco Corporation was a Worthington® product distributor for forty years in the Rocky Mountain States. We were a distributor for part of that time in New Mexico, Utah, and Idaho. Thelco is no longer a Worthington® distributor but has turned to other pump lines for our local market. Now a large part of our business is to serve a national and international market with replacement parts for Worthington® pumps. Nearly all of the parts in our catalog are manufactured by Thelco.

Thelco no longer produces a printed catalog, however you may download our full color catalog from this website as 'pdf' file. Please feel free to print out any part or all of this catalog using Adobe Reader.

Our online catalog is nearly identical to our printed catalog except that there are no cutaway drawings or pictures. The Download version of the catalog has both color and black and white cutaway drawings. Please note that our catalog gives the number of items and pricing of our inventory at the time of printing. If we don't have an item then we will do our best to manufacture or procure the missing item as quickly as possible. If you don’t see an item please call Thelco. It may be listed under a different part# or be otherwise available.

Please note;
Because of volatile commodity prices for metals and raw materials, ALL PRICES ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE WITHOUT NOTICE. Catalog pricing is only accurate at the time of printing.


Thelco Corporation replacement parts for the following
Worthington® Pumps:
D-500 small
end suction
D-800 end suction SESC old style
end suction
CNG stainless
end suction
WD multi stage
ring section
D-1000 ANSI pumps LR horizontal
split case
LLR split case
2 stage
GA gear pumps GR gear pumps

Thelco supplies all turned parts, gaskets, shims, investment cast impeller lock washers, mechanical seals, and many cast parts. It is Thelco's intention to become your main source of replacement parts for Worthington® pumps. We achieve this goal by:
A family owned business for over 65 years who's employees average more than 13 years with the company. We take pride in our company and our products. Service counts at Thelco Corporation.

We -DO NOT USE- voice mail. We believe in personal, professional and prompt service.

Thelco Corporation parts have a limited guarantee. Stocked items can be returned within sixty days of the date of shipment for a 15% restocking fee at the discretion of Thelco Corporation.  Parts that are a special order item normally cannot be returned for credit.  Customer will have to pay all shipping costs.

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