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Thelco Corporation replacement parts for the following
Worthington® Pumps:
D-500 small
end suction
D-800 end suction SESC old style
end suction
CNG stainless
end suction
WD multi stage
ring section
D-1000 ANSI pumps LR horizontal
split case
LLR split case
2 stage
GA gear pumps GR gear pumps

Thelco Corporation supplies all of the turned parts, gaskets, shims, investment cast impeller lock washers, mechanical seals, and many cast parts for all the above Worthington® pumps. It is Thelco's intention to become your main source of replacement parts for Worthington® pumps.
We achieve this goal by:
Worthington parts by Thelco. † Supplying a large number of high quality parts of our own manufacture for Worthington® pumps;
† Maintaining a warehouse stocked with over $1,000,000 in parts for Worthington® pumps;
† Giving quick and courteous service, normally shipping in stock items within 1 business day.

A family owned business for 65 years with employees who average 11 years with the company. We take pride in our company and our products. Service counts at Thelco Corporation.

We -DO NOT USE- voice mail. We believe in personal, professional and prompt service.

You do not need to know any part numbers for your Worthington® pump. If you know the model of your Worthington® pump then just call, FAX, or Thelco, and we will help you figure out which part you need.

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